I consider the features of my blog on-going projects, but on this page I will list the projects I’m working on that don’t lend themselves necessarily to regularly scheduled blog posts.

Research Studies

I am currently working on my Master’s Capstone project which is a comparative Uses & Gratifications study about two things near and dear to my heart. It wouldn’t be a good idea to talk about the details of this survey just yet, but you can expect more information in May 2017!

Meme Kit (Working Title)

This creative project is for a class that I’m taking Spring 2017. I’ll give more description of it as it comes together, including information about how it was inspired.

Untitled Fiction Novel

I may occasionally talk about my WIPs in the odd blog post, but I’ve decided, despite their popularity, to not talk about my writing on a weekly basis anymore. There are often weeks where I just cannot do any work on my story or talk about in-depth about the story developments because I like to keep the story details under wraps.