About Me

Hi, my name’s Lori and this is my personal book blog where I talk about everything from the books I’ve read to the writing I’m getting done. I’ve been blogging since January 2015, but this most recent blog was established on February 23, 2017 after I realized I wanted a return to a true book blog.

Some things about me:

  • I’m properly in my 20s now.
  • I love to read YA/New Adult literature, sub-genres including: fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, and sci-fi. (I also don’t mind a little romance, generally as long as it’s not the main focus of the book.)
  • I currently live in the Houston area with my parents.
  • I received my B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Technical Communication and my M.A. in Emerging Media & Communication.
  • I’d like to get my PhD, although I’m not certain in what yet.
  • My goal is to become a published author.
  • My hobbies include reading, writing, re-arranging my room, discovering new plant-based recipes, teaching myself to draw on my drawing tablet, playing the same old videos games on my SNES or Game Boy Advanced SP.
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