Hi, my name’s Lori and this is my person book blog where I talk¬†everything books, and maybe a little bit extra. I’ve been blogging since January 2015, but this most recent blog was born on February 23, 2017 after I realized I wanted a return to a true book blog.

I named this blog Betwined Reads because my hope is to use the skills and knowledge I gained from my M.A. in Emerging Media & Communication to connect people with books I love and also be a helpful source in linking books together that I think complement one another, even if the theme or detail that links them is not immediately obvious.

Some things about me:

  • I’m properly in my 20s now.
  • I love to read YA/New Adult literature, sub-genres including: fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, and sci-fi. (I also don’t mind a little romance, generally as long as it’s not the main focus of the book.)
  • I currently live in the Dallas area (and hope to one day end up around Chicago, Boston, or San Francisco/Seattle, or maybe even overseas!)
  • I will graduate with my M.A. in Emerging Media & Communication in May 2017.
  • I’d like to one day start a PhD program, but only after I get some real work experience (hopefully in communications or marketing).
  • My research topics of interest are why and how people read these days, how people connect online to form communities, and YouTube as a broadcast and communication medium.
  • I hope to write a fiction book one day.